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We at Elite City Angels consider ourselves not just the best Hong Kong escort service around, but masters in wish fulfillment. When you get down to it, what we do is make your wishes come true. There are things that men have only dreamed of, that perhaps they never thought would actually happened, but are only really just a phone call away. Continue reading to see the different ways in which we can fulfill your hidden desires, fantasies, and dreams. Our girls are experts at taking your wildest fantasies and making them into a tantalizing, delicious reality you won’t forget.

Uniforms and role play

One of the most common things clients are interested in is role playing. If you’ve only role played with a partner in a long-term relationship before, you are missing out on what role playing can really be. Role playing with someone that you haven’t been with before is extremely effective, and our girls are absolute masters at slipping into a wide variety of roles so that you can live the fantasies that you have long dreamed about. You will believe that you have been magically sucked into your own dream world.

We have all of the different uniforms and outfits you could imagine, with more upon request. From the sexy French Maid who tantalizes you as she works around the living room in her tempting short skirt to the Nurse who wants to do anything that she can to make you feel just right, all of the classic role playing options are available. If you need a bad girl, how about one of our beautiful girls in leather that fits just right and an attitude to match? Our girls are always ready with a few different outfits, and if you have a specific request, it can almost always be met with a little advance notice.


Sometimes, the normal fare no longer satisfies you as it used to. Even the most tantalizing carnal delights can lose their power for those who want something a bit…extra. If you are one of those people and wants a little domination and submission as part of your perfect booking with one of our escorts, we are only to happy to oblige you.

Have one of our girls be your submissive partner, listening to your every whim and complying with your every demand. Take what you want and show her who’s boss while you fulfill your desires in the way that only you know how. She will be your sexy servant as you give her everything that you know she wants.

Or, if you prefer, engage with one of our beautiful Elite City Angels’ more devilish side. One of our girls can show up, prepared to take control and make you do her bidding. Beg for mercy as she sternly forces you to do whatever she desires, clad in skintight leather all the while. She may blindfold you, she may punish you, she may humiliate you, but no matter what, it’s up to her because she is the one in control, not you.


One of the most ancient sexual arts is that of striptease. A well done striptease wells up the desires inside of you, building and building them until you feel as if you are about to burst. If your normal exposure to striptease has been at strip clubs, you have been missing out. What’s the point of getting all worked up for nothing? Our girls are not only experts at striptease, but they ensure that when the “tease” is over, you will finally get what you have been waiting for all along. We think that’s a better approach, and we think you’ll agree.

Geisha Services

The Geisha is truly one of the most mysterious legends of the Orient. While in Hong Kong, many clients want to have their very own Geisha who will please them by doing whatever it takes, and that’s something that we can definitely provide for you at Elite City Angels.

With the best Hong Kong escorts around, we have beautiful and seductive girls who can become the perfect Geishas for you during your booking. They have an elegant appeal that only barely disguises an obvious sexual side, and they will do anything to serve you and give you a luxurious time. That can include a relaxing bath, a sexy and erotic massage, or a seductive dance.

Geishas are not interested in rushing, and will take their time to ensure that you both have the kind of experience that you can only get from one of our amazing girls. Imagine one of our beautiful girls becoming your Geisha and rubbing you, letting you explore her body sensuously, and allowing her own hands and mouth to wander all over your body as well. The Geisha fantasy is alive and well, and our girls can be the best proof of that that you can imagine


Not everybody wants to rush right into the action. Sometimes, you want the anticipation to build…and sometimes, you just want to watch for a little while.

Many people want to do just that, and it’s easy to see why. There’s an undeniable appeal to the forbidden act of watching a sexy woman as she slowly disrobes and goes about her routine, unaware that you are taking in her every move and exploring her sexy body with your eyes. Maybe you even want to watch as two beautiful girls slowly decide to tease one another and experiment, unaware that you are watching as the whole thing unfolds before your eyes.

Elite City Angels can help you to fulfill these desires, and our ladies are always ready to be watched by you. You can indulge in all of your voyeuristic fantasies as you watch our girls show off their beautiful bodies, prepare for a bath, or try on lingerie, completely oblivious to your presence. That’s not even the best part, either. The best part is that, if you wish to, you can get much closer to her and explore her in person when the time is right, finally releasing all of that pent up sexuality.

Hot Vibrator

Sometimes, instead of jumping right into the action, we want a bit of a show. That’s a feeling that most men can definitely relate to. As such, we at Elite City Angels offer what we call the hot vibrator show, which will make your temperature rise even faster than you can imagine! In this show, one of our lovely, sexual and sensuous escorts will give you a personal show where she takes her time to warm herself up using not only a vibrator, but sensual oils that are rubbed all over her perfect body as you get ready to step in and continue the action.

Three Company

Our special Duo offering is always popular with guys who want to have not just one, but two ladies there to please them. However, there is something more, and it’s our Three’s Company fantasy, where you get not one, not two, but three of our beautiful, perfect Hong Kong escorts to please you at one time. It’s not what fantasies are made of, because most men wouldn’t even dare to fantasize about something so amazing! Imagine- perky, full breasts everywhere you turn. Smooth, shapely thighs, full lips, and tongues, all there simply to please you. It’s enough to drive you crazy.

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